Symmetry Natural Health is a Wellness Center in Sun Prairie, WI

Find a new and natural way to a healthy lifestyle with Symmetry Natural Health. Offering alternative ways to promote deeper and holistic healing, Symmetry Natural Health prides itself on the unique methods it provides for its clients. Located in Sun Prairie, WI, Symmetry Natural Health is a wellness center that specializes in natural health consulting and nutrition. Our nutritionists are dedicated to your health and carving your path to wellness through bio-individual protocols that you won't find anywhere else.

Symmetry Natural Health specifically specializes in the morphogenic field technique, which is an alternative healing method that is noninvasive and has a specific focus on the physics of the body. Your energy healer will take the information gathered from this process and develop a customized plan for you to follow. We offer biomat therapy, infrared sauna therapy, and guided use of specific essential oils. Additionally, we offer detox classes to assist in your follow through to good health.

When it comes to natural health and clinical nutrition, we aim to be your destination. At Symmetry Natural Health, you can always count on us to provide a healing environment and regimen without the use of drugs or chemicals. Dedicated to your genuine general health and wellness, we will always be advocates in promoting fulfilling lives. To find out more information about our health coach services, contact Symmetry Natural Health today!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Bio-Individual Protocols
  • Natural Health
  • No Drugs or Chemicals
  • Professional & Reliable
Locations Served
  • Sun Prairie, WI