Love Shaye! She has helped with my fatigue and feet neuropathy.
Lovely, relaxing place. The IR Sauna with Chakra lights/music was rejuvenating and peaceful. Staff was amazing as well. Thank you!
I have been going to Symmetry for almost two months now and I feel FABULOUS. I was waking up constantly bloated every day, I had terrible acne and lots of other things going on within my body. My bloating is down, my acne is GONE! Completely gone! And I have so much energy from the good nights sleep I’ve been getting. I also have struggled with ADHD my whole life. I’ve been doing their biomat sessions and it allows my brain to help shut itself off for a little while, which is almost impossible. I will definitely be a life long client to these amazing and friendly people! Thanks, Bretni Hammer
I found out about this place from the Women’s Expo and I am so blessed to have met them! For 11 years of my life I was not able to breathe properly through my nose. Going from doctor to doctor who prescribed me every allergy pill there is I had no relief. Most days I could not breathe through my nose at all, some days it was just one nostril. I was finally defeated after my dentist told me if I continued breathing through my mouth that my teeth would decay faster than the average persons. I was seriously considering nose surgery beacaue at that point I was certain I had a deviated septum. I figured after I learned what this place was all about I would give it a try before scheduling a surgery. I followed my supplement plan and dietary restrictions my body tested for and I am blown away. My energy level is up, I am BREATHING THROUGH MY NOSE, I haven’t had to take an allergy pill since starting my supplements, and I lost 8 lbs! (Losing the weight was just a bonus, I was not expecting it) I am still on my health journey with Symmetry but at this point in my plan I can say it WORKS and is most definitely worth trying. I recommend everyone invests in their health!